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Help for Students of English

Welcome to my site- "Help for Students of English." On this page, you will find many links to various sites on the Web that are all designed to help you- the English student. There are sites ranging from online dictionaries to sites about specific authors and writers. I hope that you will find them to be most helpful and that you find whatever you are looking for.


A Resource Center for English and Social Studies:
An "English Class on the Web"- many links!:
The Life and Works of Edgar Allen Poe:
The New York Public Library:
Twentieth Century Poets and Poetry:
Homework Help for High School English Students:
Resources for Communications and Humanities:
Mark Twain Resources on the Web:
Online Fiction and Poetry Magazines:
Complete Poetical Works by William Wordsworth:
Roget's Thesaurus:
Online Dictionary, Basic English Help:
Voice of the Shuttle- a Web Page for Humanities Research:
Literature, Humanities, Writing, Online Writing Labs, etc.:
A WIDE Range of Literature Resources:
A+ Research and Writing:
Homer's ODYSSEY Online:
Elementary Grammar (grammar rules):
MLA Citation Examples- Bibliography Assistance:
Research/Homework Resources:
Study, Research, and Writing Skills:
The Ultimate Writer's Guide:

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